Research shows that environmental education can improve academic outcomes, provide mental health benefits, increase physical activity and encourage beneficial, cooperative play. Use the resources below to find more information.

Research shows that green schoolyards offer a range of benefits. Visit the Green Schoolyards Research site to see studies linked to these findings:

Logo North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE)

NAAEE actively engages in and supports evidence-based research across the complex field of environmental education. Working with outstanding partners, NAAEE has led the way on several important initiatives that advance our understanding of how best to practice and communicate about EE. 

Logo Children & Nature Network

The Children & Nature Network curates and summarizes peer-reviewed scientific literature to help build the evidence base for advancing the children and nature movement. 

Image of cover of Environmental Education Research Bulletin

The Environmental Education Research Bulletin is a collaborative project between Dr. Nicole Ardoin at Stanford University, ChangeScale, and the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). The bulletins synthesize and summarize  research from journals focused on issues pertaining to environmental education.