Tools for Green Schools

Santa Cruz County Green Schools Working Group

Launched in January 2022, the Green Schools Working Group convened district teams from across the county to support integrating sustainability practices and student engagement focused on three Green Schools Pillars: 

An overview of the working group goals and purpose is here. Meeting materials, presentation and recordings are linked below and in this shared folder.

MEETING 1: January 11, 2022  Focus: Campus and Sustainable Facilities

MEETING 2: February 8, 2022  Focus: Community and Environmental Health

MEETING 3: March 28, 2022  Focus: Curriculum Integration for Green Schools

Research shows that green schoolyards offer a range of student benefits. 

Logo Children & Nature Network

The Children & Nature Network provides family and youth toolkits (in English and Spanish), a teachers' e-guide, infographics showing research on benefits of outdoor learning, a community action toolkit and more.

Green spaces on school campuses show many benefits! Visit the Green Schoolyards Research site to see studies linked to these findings and more:

Find resources below for greening facilities and business practices at your site.

Green Schoolyards America Outdoor Learning & Covid-19 Resources: School administrators and partners will find resources for transforming campus spaces for outdoor learning in response to Covid-19 health guidelines.

California Green Business Network logo

California Green Business Network can help your school or district apply for green business certification

Eco-Schools logo showing books and tree

Eco-Schools provides tools to help engage students in being changemakers for campus and community sustainability

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AMBAG Energy Watch will assist your school reduce energy use by providing energy efficiency services and resources to eligible PG&E customers  

Logo Green Schools Alliance

Green Schools Alliance provides a range of tools and programs to help schools create measurable changes for sustainability.

Provide leadership by using the three pillar approach and adopting policies and resolutions that support environmental sustainability.

Image of Three Pillars of Green Ribbon Schools Award

Green Ribbon Schools and CA Green Ribbon Schools awards recognize schools for success in three pillars: reducing environmental impact and costs; improving health and wellness; and providing effective environmental and sustainability education

Brick school building with bushes in front and a sign that says public school on the wall. Photo by Shopify Partners.

 Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program provides a green school checklist to assess and track progress toward green facility practices and policies that support pollution prevention, waste management, employee awareness and energy and water conservation 

Logo for Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI)

Strategic Energy Innovations (SEI) helps schools to conserve resources, invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy, and engage students in project-based service-learning and leadership. Their key services include education, conservation, and school facility support. Select K-12 curricula, CTE courses and project-based learning modules are available free through their website

Logo Green Schools National Network

Green Schools National Network provides evidence-based resources for green, healthy, sustainable schools. including supporting local, regional and national professional development opportunities that enhance the quantity and quality of green and healthy schools/ Their GreenNotes newsletter includes upcoming opportunities for professional development or student challenges as well as news of model programs.